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Come see us at our new location 1061 Lake havasu Ave N Lhc az 86403 Whatever your problems are with your trailer, we can fix it. Whether it needs new decking, bunks or runners, welding, paint or mechanical repairs, we have the skills, equipment and experience to bring it back to a better than new condition.
Even if your boat is still on the trailer, our boat lift system makes easy work of the job, allowing us to get it off the trailer quickly and safely.

Frequently, it's the trailer that lets the side down. Beneath your gleaming boat or toys, the lowly trailer sits there being covered in road grime, pushed in and out of the Lake, or even worse in sea water and being hard to get at when loaded it is often forgotten. At Adrenaline Custom Detail we repair, refurbish and upgrade all types of trailer, from a simple end of season bearing repack, to rewelding, fabrication, rewiring, upgrading and rebunking.
Bring your trailer, loaded or empty, to Adrenaline Detail and let us bring it up to the same standard as your boat or toys. We also offer a complete valet service where we collect, remove the boat using our in house boat lift, refurbish and return the boat, ready for you to enjoy the Havasu summer on the Lake.

To arrange to pickup and deliver - call us today to schedule an appointment on (928) 680 1030